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For more than 30 years MARKS Elder Law has been helping clients in Pittsburgh, Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties, and all of Pennsylvania, make good decisions about elder care, estate planning, wills & trusts, estate administration, real estate and business.

Planning for your senior years involves many decisions. Too often, these decisions are made during times of emotional stress and without adequate information.

At MARKS Elder Law, we make a genuine effort to get to know our clients. Whether it is preparing a will, setting up a trust, determining how, if it becomes necessary, to pay for nursing home care, or administering the estate after death, our goal is to provide the personalized legal guidance our clients need to plan for their futures, to protect their assets and to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Our deliberative approach ensures that whatever the problem or issue, you understand the options and can proceed with confidence.

Michael H. Marks, Esquire

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Elder Law & Asset Protection
We help clients qualify for government medical benefits (including special needs and Medicare, Medicaid and VA Veterans benefits) legally and ensure their estates are preserved for their families, instead of their nest egg being wiped out by high nursing home and other care-related expenses.

Estate Planning: Wills & Trusts
Through the use of Wills (simple & complex), Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Revocable, Living & Irrevocable Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Health Care Directives and Charitable Gifting Strategies, our firm helps families preserve their wealth for future generations, minimize estate taxes, and avoid the expense and nightmare of probate.

Estate Administration:
After a loved one has died, the burden and uncertainty can be overwhelming to families. We act on your behalf and/or help you to “administer the estate” (wind up the affairs of your loved one) including all inheritance and other estate tax issues.

We create and review contracts  and agreements, and help to prevent and resolve business or contract-related disputes. We also form and maintain corporate, LLC, partnership and other business-related entities. 

Real Estate:
We assist with all your real estate transactions, including the purchase or sale of property, real estate assessment challenges, leases, etc.. We also help prevent or resolve disputes involving real estate.

Not all disputes can be resolved amicably. Some involve court adjudication.  We litigate on your behalf, when necessary.














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