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At Marks Elder Law we remain committed to serving you and meeting your legal needs promptly – more than ever in these demanding times. Our office is again open for any work that can’t be effectively done remotely, including meeting with clients (though we still use videoconferencing, phone and email as well)

Having up-to-date estate planning arrangements in the form of Powers of Attorney and Wills, at least, is crucial to peace of mind as well as actual preparedness. You may benefit from taking your planning a step further with a Revocable Trust, and some families absolutely need Special Needs Trust type planning  for any family member with a disability.

If you are headed toward expensive long-term care such as in a nursing home, you must seek expert advice to protect yourself, your assets and your family.  With the right advice, long-term care patients and their families get a much, much better bottom line result. We can help you protect your assets. Finally,  if a loved one has died, we also provide expert assistance to help you wind up their affairs  and administer their estate.

These are some ways in which we  at MARKS ELDER LAW  may be able to help you.  Please keep reading, and call or email today.

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Planning for your family’s future is important, and it can make a big difference in the long run if you have a competent, experienced advisor who can help you anticipate what issues you and your family may face in the future. For more than forty years, Marks Elder Law has been providing legal advice tailored to the individual needs of the Pittsburgh residents we serve. Our firm understands the legal challenges of estate planning as well as the emotional challenges, such as disagreements between family members and the difficulty of thinking about the world after you are gone. We will compassionately help you evaluate estate planning options and arrive at a plan that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind.

In the decades that we have served the Pittsburgh area and beyond, we have earned a reputation for deep legal knowledge and skill, as well as for kindness and patience as we work to translate legal concepts into plain English for our clients. We assist in a wide range of estate planning services, such as the creation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney and more.

At Marks Elder Law, you get the personalized attention of a boutique law firm – and we treat each of our clients like family.


Michael H. Marks, Esq

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For a Pittsburgh elder law attorney you can count on, get the help of Marks Elder Law. Since 1979, our firm has taken the time to fully understand our clients’ wishes and help them use the right legal tools to protect those interests. Pennsylvania law surrounding estates and the affected parties can be confusing. With an experienced legal team on your side, you can better understand how to protect your estate from unnecessary taxes and even fund long-term healthcare. No matter your concerns, you can come to us with your questions.

As the rules surrounding Medicaid and special needs trusts can be extremely complex, it is never advisable to try and navigate these matters without the help of a legal professional. Our team has been around this industry for a long time. We have seen many of the issues that can come from inexperience and we are vigilant about exploring all legal options in a thorough manner before making any final recommendations. Get experienced elder law lawyers on your side. Call Marks Elder Law today for a free consultation.

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We have worked hard to earn our reputation for compassionate, knowledgeable legal assistance. We pride ourselves on these qualities in particular:

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