What is Elder Law?

Planning for your senior years involves many decisions. Even though we say, “Man plans, God laughs,” most people still want to try. Too often though, decisions are made during times of emotional stress and without adequate information. For more than 37 years MARKS Elder Law, with offices in Squirrel Hill and Monroeville, has helped seniors make these decisions calmly and with forethought.

At MARKS Elder Law, we listen and get to know you. Our goal is to provide the personalized legal guidance you need to plan for your future, to protect your assets and to provide for your loved ones. Our informative approach ensures that whatever the problem or issue, you understand the options and can proceed with confidence.

Our practice focuses on these related areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Elder And Disability Law
  • Litigation relating to estates, Powers of Attorney and related topics.

Why should I make a Will or Power of Attorney?

Estate Planning refers to preparing Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Trusts, and similar documents while you are alive and able, in case anything bad happens later. These plans specify the choices you can makee regarding:

Who do you want to help you if you can’t take care of yourself?

What do you want him or her to do to help you as it relates to:

Handling your affairs for you during your lifetime, or

Winding up your affairs after you’re gone.

Estate planning also includes tax planning and providing securely for disabled, dependent or elderly beneficiaries with special needs.

What do I have to do after someone dies?

Probate & Estate Administration: After a loved one has died, we help you to conclude all necessary legal business and affairs of the person who passed away. We make sure that after the the bills, creditors and taxes get paid properly, that whatever is left over goes to the people who are supposed to inherit. A probate estate may be required with specific additional court filings and paperwork, to ensure that everything is transferred correctly or to resolve any disputes.

Arrangements such as joint accounts, pay-on-death beneficiaries, “In Trust For” or Transfer on Death ownership. generally will avoid the need for probate.

Will I lose everything if I get sick?

Elder and Disability Law: When you or a family member need expensive long term care, whether at home, in a personal care home or assisted-living facility, or in a nursing home, we help you to accomplish three goals to make sure:

That you are well cared for

That your cost of care gets paid, and

To save as much of your money as possible for you

Many people don’t realize that there are options, even after you may already be in long-term care, to save your money for you, often by getting Medicaid or VA Aid and Attendance benefits to pay for your care Typical asset protection strategies may include gifts made under the rules, other transactions, trusts, or specialized asset-protection annuities.. Other elder and disability law issues can include special needs planning, guardianships, care and placement issues, or long-term care insurance.

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