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At Marks Elder Law we remain committed to serving you and meeting your legal needs promptly – more than ever in these demanding times. Our office is again open for any work that can’t be effectively done remotely, including meeting with clients (though we still use videoconferencing, phone and email as well)

Having up to date estate planning arrangements in the form of Powers of Attorney and Wills, at least, is crucial to peace of mind as well as actual preparedness. Use your Will and Powers of Attorney to specify who you want to help you if you need help – either while you are alive or after you’re gone – and what you want others to do to assist you when necessary.

You get to name your “Agent under Power of Attorney” and your “Health Care Agent” as well as your beneficiaries, Executor and Trustees under your Will – and their substitutes or backups - and say how you want events to unfold when you can no longer be in charge yourself. If you have plans in place, now is a good time to review.

Month: November 2019