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At Marks Elder Law we remain committed to serving you and meeting your legal needs promptly – more than ever in these demanding times. Our office is again open for any work that can’t be effectively done remotely, including meeting with clients (though we still use videoconferencing, phone and email as well)

Having up-to-date estate planning arrangements in the form of Powers of Attorney and Wills, at least, is crucial to peace of mind as well as actual preparedness. You may benefit from taking your planning a step further with a Revocable Trust, and some families absolutely need Special Needs Trust type planning  for any family member with a disability.

If you are headed toward expensive long-term care such as in a nursing home, you must seek expert advice to protect yourself, your assets and your family.  With the right advice, long-term care patients and their families get a much, much better bottom line result. We can help you protect your assets.

Finally,  if a loved one has died, we also provide expert assistance to help you wind up their affairs  and administer their estate. These are some ways in which we  at MARKS ELDER LAW  may be able to help you.  Please keep reading, and call or email today.


Protect Your Family’s Real Estate For Coming Generations

Real estate is often the most valuable property you will ever own. Real property – real estate – refers to interests in land or buildings, differing from personal property. Personal property means assets other than real estate – such as money, investments, contract rights, vehicles and the contents of your home Personal property can be either tangible or intangible – actual things that you can see and touch, or financial rights and claims such as stocks that you own somewhere “out there.” Marks Elder Law has helped clients to protect their interests and ensure their family is protected and cared for in the coming years.

Real estate ownership and its associated rights and liabilities involve complex rules and challenges. With the help of an attorney who understands its ins and outs, you have a better chance of improving and protecting your estate for the future.

Real estate activities where legal aid can help include:

  • Property purchase or sale
  • Lending or borrowing
  • Mortgage or security interests in real estate as collateral
  • Lease or tenancy
  • Tax assessment or real estate tax assessment appeals
  • Use and zoning
  • Construction, remodeling or demolition
  • Disagreement, dispute or lawsuit

Why Trust Marks Elder Law?

For more than four decades, our firm has helped families protect their futures by offering sound advice concerning estate planning, probate, and estate administration. We understand the value of the real estate to a family’s longevity and can help clients make better decisions concerning their assets. Marks Elder Law helps clients buy, sell, own, manage, and protect their real property interests, along with guiding transactions and preventing disputes. If you are in need of a Pittsburgh real estate attorney to help resolve real estate disagreements, get the help of the skilled attorneys at Marks Elder Law. Ensure your family’s future is protected. Call 412-415-7586 now or contact us online for a free consultation about your Pittsburgh real estate concerns.